About Me

Welcome to my personal home page/resume. Here you will find my current and past personal and professional projects.

The biggest motivators for me have always been embracing new challenges, growing through continued education and collaborating with others. In addition to that, my unending curiosity for finding “the best way” to solve problems has driven me to succeed with whatever project I am working on.

While most of my career I have been in the fitness industry as a strength coach, personal trainer and educator I also have a passion for content production from producing podcasts to video production with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut X.

Through podcasting I been fortunate to make extensive contacts in the fitness industry with “The FitCast” which I began as a Sophomore in college in 2009 as well as in the video game industry with my show “Back in my Play” which focuses on retro video games.

I love both worlds of fitness and video games that I get to be a part of. But I am open to any opportunities that either engage with those industries, the world of computers and technology, or allow me to work with people and on projects that move the respective industries forward.