Podcast Projects

I have been producing podcasts for 11-years with over 500 episodes produced. I have proficiency in audio editing on multiple software platforms with Adobe Audition being my preferred editing application. I have also professionally produced podcasts for multiple companies including most recently, The Bettercast.

The FitCast

I started The FitCast in 2006 while a sophomore in college with the goal of sharing the best guests and fitness knowledge to anyone with an internet connection. Since then I have produced over 425 episodes over 11-years. It has helped me improve my interviewing and presenting skills drastically over that time period.




Back in my Play

Back in my Play began in 2013 due to my passion for retro video games. For game specific episodes, we remember and recall our memories of the game as well as revisit it to discuss how it holds up today. Interviews are also a regular feature of the show. It has quickly built up a large audience and over 100 episodes have been produced.